CMO & Chief Digital Officer AAXIS | 2012 – 2018


Razer had recently launched a new website and began to see a significant drop in sales due to declining conversion rates on both desktop and mobile.Razer needed expertise to identify and fix major user experience issues causing DTC sales to plummet.


Working with Razer’s US Head of Sales & Marketing, I led the strategy and full execution of the following:

Conversion Optimization

  • Major user experience redesign across site navigation, layout of category pages, product detail pages, product comparison pages, add-to-cart, shopping cart and checkout.
  • Performed a holistic site usability audit, to understand user engagement, using data tools such as Google Analytics and heat maps.
  • Used a data-driven approach to understand visitor intent, how users were navigating through the site and either finding or not find the information they needed.
  • Identified key UX improvement opportunities, analyzing page-level user interactions, from the homepage to checkout.


  • YOY DTC sales up 20-30%, due to improved UX from major landing pages through checkout.
  • Conversion rates up due to better “calls-to-action”, serving as important navigational queues for users.
  • Average Order Values up due to better placement of cross-sells and redesigned product comparison feature.
  • Cart abandonment dropped significantly.