CMO & Chief Digital Officer AAXIS | 2012 – 2018


Toshiba saw significant opportunity to increase DTC sales by shifting to a personalized site experience, as well as improving overall site usability. With dozens of product categories, 100’s of products and 1000’s of SKUs, this was not an easy challenge. 


Working with Toshiba’s VP of NA Sales, I led the strategy and full execution of the following, which also led to me becoming the head of Toshiba’s digital agency-of-record:

  • Conversion – Implemented detailed personalization program to support all needed ​capabilities, including user personas and content strategy, operational playbooks for content creators, and data tracking and KPI models for measuring revenue impact and identifying areas of improvement.
  • Engagement – Led data-driven UX and IA improvements across desktop and mobile, focused on site organization, navigation and site search, all designed to improve conversion rates.
  • Acquisition – Launched SEO program.
  • Insights – Led sophisticated analytics and tag management implementation designed to give marketing and merchandising teams better visibility into effectiveness of DTC commercial programs.


  • YOY DTC revenue up 20%, on $100M/yr DTC business
  • Mobile Revenue up ~850%
  • Acquisition up ~20% due to SEO enhancements
  • Conversion rates up ~25% due to UX improvements
  • Conversion rates up additional ~10% due to personalization
  • Retention up ~10% due to targeted upsells