Visionworks – Rence Winetrout


Consultant & Chief Digital Officer AAXIS | 2012 – 2018


Visionworks had recently hired a new CEO who understood the power of digital. As part of a broader omni-channel strategy, the CEO sponsored a DTC initiative to dramatically improve eCommerce conversion rates. With website traffic being well above the industry average, a conversion rate improvement was key to unlocking online revenue.


Working with Visionworks’ US VP of eCommerce, I led the strategy and full execution of the following:

Conversion Optimization

  • User experience redesign across site navigation, flows for selecting custom glasses, add-to-cart functionality and checkout.
  • Performed advanced analytics tagging to create a super-granular level of insight into page level user behavior and site abandonment analysis.
  • Used a data-driven approach to understand visitor intent, how users were navigating through the site and either finding or not find the information they needed.
  • Identified key UX improvement opportunities, analyzing page-level user interactions, from the homepage to checkout.


  • YOY DTC sales and conversion rates up, due to product page and shopping cart improvements.
  • Cart abandonment dropped significantly.